Enjoyed taking our 6 year old

Enjoyed taking our 6 year old granddaughter and 3 and half year old grandson on this trip. However, be warned that if you book on-line and have an e-ticket you will need to have it exchanged for tickets at the booth on Westminster Pier. We arrived and there was the boat waiting. We had been waved down to the dockside by 2 members of staff who checked our e-ticket only to find that it was not accepted to get on board. My husband had to go back up and queue to exchange for tickets and we missed that boat and had to wait half an hour. We enjoyed the trip and sat up aloft down to Greenwich learning some interesting facts about the riverside buildings. We enjoyed the naval museum and found activities for young children, but I think older children would enjoy it more, especially boys. We also looked round Greenwich market and then back to the boat with another enjoyable trip back to Westminster. Limited refreshments are available on the boat so its a good idea to take a few snacks.