Great choice to get an overview

Great choice to get an overview of the city from the river. The line for the ticket exchange for the voucher is very long, be prepared to wait unless you can get tickets in advance and return for your boarding time. There is a guide on the boat who is knowledgeable about the scenery and historical points of interest. There are bathrooms onboard, a bar to get drinks and snacks. Bring your own snacks and cold drinks to save money and waiting in line. The boats are packed. You can literally get off at various bridge points of landing and/or get back on another boat if you want to visit that area/location. Ticket is good for 24hours. You can of course just get a simple ride from one location to another for a different price, this is used as a part of the transportation system of the city. If you go all the way to the end, Greenwich, be aware that there is a couple hour lag time in the return trip. If you want to spend time visiting and eating in that area, plan ahead. There is some scenery on the way, but it takes about 4 extra hours of your day. Otherwise, get off at the last landing point before this trip around the bend and to Greenwich. There is the Royal Naval Academy museum, and a pub attached, other restaurants throughout the city and clotted cream ice cream vendors, along with street musicians. Also at the end in Greenwich, and at the end of the return trip back to starting point, there is an announcement for gratuity if you like, then, someone literally stands with a bucket as you walk off the boat. Didn’t like that. Overall, this is worth the value. Get your bearings for the sites and then return for your visit/tour of each location you like.